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Building Serverless Applications on AWS

  • Number of Courses11 courses
  • Duration8 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

This path focuses on the adoption of a serverless architecture for custom applications in the cloud. You'll embrace speed of innovation over complete architectural flexibility, reduced maintenance over infrastructure control, organizational risk mitigation over manual security, and platform as a service (PaaS) over infrastructure as a service (IaaS). At the end of the path, you will be able to create an event-driven production-ready web application that embraces these serverless principles.

Courses in this path

Serverless Foundations

Learn about the core concepts that can make an application serverless on AWS.

Hosting Serverless Web Applications

Serverless Compute and API’s

Learn about using AWS Lambda as your compute service while exposing an API with API Gateway all while using Amazon DynamoDB to store application data.

Event-based Architectures

Learn about using Amazon EventBridge alongside Amazon S3 and Step Functions to create powerful microservices for your serverless application.

Authentication and Authorization

Supporting Production Serverless Applications

Learn about monitoring your serverless applications with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray as well as creating custom operational dashboards and alarms.

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