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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers

  • Number of Courses7 courses
  • Duration10 hours

This learning path is designed to help leaders and managers consider their workplace decisions in the context of emotional intelligence. It lays a foundation of emotional intelligence primary concepts, helps leaders and managers assess their own behavior and workplace culture using an emotional intelligence lens, and provides numerous strategies to help managers make sure the emotional intelligence and well-being of employees and team members is suitably protected.

Courses in this path


In this beginner section we will lay a foundation for the next few courses by covering emotional intelligence fundamentals, and by providing a path for emotional intelligence self-assessment, which you can use to help develop self-awareness and self-management.


In this intermediate section we will apply some of the main transferable concepts from the beginner section by considering emotional intelligence in connection with specific leadership contexts, situations, and goals.


In this advanced section we will deal with specific high-stakes emotional intelligence situations, by considering emotionally intelligent conflict management and mediation options for leaders and managers.

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