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IT Governance Foundation

  • Number of Courses6 courses
  • Duration8 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

In the IT Governance Foundation path, you’ll learn cutting edge approaches to both IT Service Management and IT Governance based on state-of-the-art frameworks and thought leaders, focusing on Lean, Kanban, Agile and established industry standards.

You’ll start with an overview of the contemporary take on IT management and governance, learning which practices are driving digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution.

Then, you will study the latest installments of renowned IT Service Management frameworks and how they can enable business agility without compromising existing systems. In the third and fourth courses of this path, you will study ITSM practices and how to apply them. Then, in the last two courses, the focus will be on IT Governance and how you can create a basic IT Governance System based on design techniques, governance frameworks and a case study.

Courses in this path


In this beginner section we will cover what is the purpose of IT in the contemporary enterprise and its role in the 4th industrial revolution. Also, what IT Service Management and Governance are and their key concepts.


In this intermediate section we will cover IT Service Management core concepts, definitions and practices, providing the foundations for students to recognize management and governance systems as well as to operate within them. IT Governance components and design theory will be detailed.


In this advanced session we will cover how to design a simple IT Governance System based on IT Governance and ITSM concepts and techniques previously introduced.

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