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About Pluralsight and
Vista Equity Partners

Aaron Skonnard

Aaron Skonnard, Co-founder & CEO at Pluralsight

Pluralsight and Vista Equity Partners (Vista) appreciate the vital need to expand education across the digital divide to enable and empower individuals, teams and organizations to access their full potential in our technologically-driven future.

As Aaron Skonnard, co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight, said in a statement announcing Vista's acquisition of Pluralsight, "Through this partnership with Vista, we will be able to move faster and be more agile, accelerate our strategic vision and, ultimately, deliver deeper, more powerful solutions that help companies adapt and thrive in the digital age."

Skonnard was one of three developers who, in 2004, launched Utah-based Pluralsight to help employees in the tech industry expand their skill sets. By 2010, Pluralsight had fully transformed its class offerings to become an eLearning company, enabling it to reach more clients. Over the past decade, Pluralsight has continued to scale with the needs of the tech industry while being recognized by Deloitte, Forbes and Fortune for its accelerated growth and strong workplace culture. Vista took Pluralsight private in 2021.

Today, thousands of businesses use Pluralsight’s products, Pluralsight Skills and Pluralsight Flow, to develop and empower technologists and technology teams to innovate and transform their workplaces. These products help teams develop critical skills, improve processes and gain insights. And Pluralsight’s services help businesses develop a strategy and customizable solution for the future.

With Pluralsight, organizations get actionable data on workflow patterns so they can continuously improve flow efficiency and resolve bottlenecks through aggregated historical git data. When knowledge silos or bottlenecks occur, tech teams can use Pluralsight’s Skills and A Cloud Guru products to target skill gaps, quickly develop new skills and consistently deliver with new and existing tools. Pluralsight is here to provide the tools tech leaders need to create stronger tech teams that ship products faster and keep up in today’s accelerated digital world.

The Vista Advantage Through
Vision and Diversity

The Vista advantage

Vista Equity Partners’ Managing Director, Adrian Alonso, said in a press release announcing the acquisition that both Pluralsight and Vista understand and value software as a means to enable progress and unlock opportunity. Expanding the onramps to skill development benefits not only the learners, but also the communities in which they live.

The best way to deliver skill development experiences that unlock opportunities for communities is to build those experiences with a team as diverse as the individuals we aim to empower. In fact, studies show that a diverse workforce is more likely to be successful. NASDAQ, a Pluralsight customer, even stated that in order to be listed on its exchange platform, companies must commit to board diversity, citing the positive economic impact of such compositions.

Vista believes the transformative power of technology is the key to an even better future – a smarter economy, a healthier planet, diverse and inclusive communities and a broader path to prosperity. Achieving those goals means closing the opportunity gap for underrepresented communities. 

Vista, with its corporate partners, supports over 50 nonprofit organizations, continuing to work toward equity in education, conservation, social justice and health care. Within that group of partners is, a nonprofit dedicated to computer science educational equity. Of the same mind, Vista and its partners welcome Pluralsight’s creation of Pluralsight One and its commitment to investing in the future by ensuring that all Utah K-12 students have access to learning computer science.

Together, Vista and Pluralsight are prepared to scale a revitalized workforce ready for the technical needs of the fourth industrial revolution.

About Vista Equity Partners

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Global investment firm Vista Equity Partners leverages private equity, permanent capital, credit and public equity strategies to build stronger, more resilient businesses. Founded over two decades ago by Robert F. Smith, Vista has proven that technology continues to drive innovation, fueling a healthier and more prosperous future.

Vista operates offices in Austin, Chicago, New York, Oakland, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. Connect with Vista on YouTube and LinkedIn and visit for more information about the firm.