Alan Monnox

Alan Monnox

Alan is the Lead Architect for the cyber security company Reveille Security. He is also the author of the book Rapid J2EE Development published by Prentice Hall. Alan’s tenure in the IT industry goes back over several decades and during that time he has been fortunate to work on many large-scale systems for a range of business-sectors and industries, including energy, finance, retail and healthcare. His core skills are in information security, solution architecture, and systems integration. Much of his work with clients is as a consultant but the projects he enjoys the most are where he gets hands on with the technology and works as part of a team to deliver a great result. Alan’s role in security and architecture places an emphasis on the importance of communications skills. Despite once being terrified at the thought of public-speaking, Alan now enjoys any opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, be that through presentations, workshops, mentoring or by simply putting pen to paper.

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