Andy Butler

Andy Butler

Andy Butler has been working in architectural visualization since 1997 when it was still at its infancy. A keen learner and teacher, he has successfully taught his techniques to students using tutorials he has created and through live projects for clients. Andy has a calm nature and patient approach to problem solving, his work ethic and teaching. He has led teams to help create exciting visuals for some of the biggest architects all around the world. He has a passion for photography and always tries to reproduce its visual qualities and realism found in his images. Andy works in a way that has enabled each company he's worked for to grow and expand and is always learning new software, plugins, and scripts. He has a vast knowledge of industry building standards, lighting, texture qualities, animation, and rendering and has written a few useful MaxScripts to help with his workflow. Andy's favorite things to work on are verified views where his logical approach, eye for detail, and accuracy really kick in.

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