Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Andy went to school for sculpture and was generally kept away from everything digital. Throughout his education he worked under several sculptors and he really lost his taste for the whole thing, seeing how hard it was to make it in that industry. One day he found a broken down digital camera. He took it home and started shooting around. He loved it and pursued photography. He got an assistant job and that eventually led to retouching. Once he started working in Photoshop, his artistic instincts began to stir. He started to get into digital painting. From there it was a matter of time until he stumbled upon 3D modeling packages. He remembers the first time he opened ZBrush thinking, “Ohhhhh, this is what I was meant for.” With one mouse click all of the countless hours of studying and sculpting had suddenly gone from wasted to relevant. From that moment, in a dusty attic, there was no looking back.

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