Angelique Keyter

Angelique Keyter

Angelique started playing around system security at a very young age. What started as innocent “hacking” or accessing her dad’s computer to play games (without him knowing) turned into a fascination and passion for securing systems. Today, she has devoted herself to cyber security and joining the fight against cybercrime. She is a mother of two, gamer, geek, and wife, loving spending time with her boys, robots, and computers. She does local community chats on how to keep yourself digitally safe, works as security analyst, and she does class room training to build a force of penetration testers and security professionals. For Angelique security is not a job, it’s a way of life and a passion. She firmly believes that education can change our security outlook on cybercrime. Angelique balances her life in being active, loving her spouse, raising mindful children, working hard, and playing harder! Over the weekends you might find her playing RC cars with her boys and husband in the community park, or baking them some treats.

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