Avdhesh Gaur

Avdhesh Gaur

Avdhesh Gaur is a Data Analyst, instructor, author, mentor, storyteller, speaker, and consultant as well when it comes to bringing insights out of data and presenting the story behind. His career spans more than 6 years with a focus on taking down various business requirements by building Data-driven BI models using Tableau, SQL, Hive, and numerous Statistical data analysis Techniques. ​ Avdhesh Gaur got one of his submissions to Tableau accepted on 7th January 2019. On average, only 1 out of every 10000 tableau public profile holders can achieve this feat marking him under the top 0.01% of the profound Tableau Authors, when it comes to creating efficient dashboards with tableau. Even though, He has authored numerous courses covering the fundamentals of data visualization. There was a time when he couldn't figure out, What's something new that he can do tomorrow. That's why he feels immense joy in creating and sharing the content that can help us learn something new each day.

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