Bill Stavroulakis

Bill is a Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, a Senior Software Engineer at Software Competitiveness International, and the creator of Dotnetweekly. He has over 7 years of experience in building Web Applications and is excited to learn and teach technologies as they develop/mature in the ever-changing world of the web. Bill started his career in Silicon Valley in 2006 developing Facebook applications that grew to have more that 6 million users. He then continued working on the Ruby-on-Rails framework and implemented a back-end portal for a renowned educational institution in Greece. He co-founded a Web Development/Internet Marketing Company that dealt with a wide range of the web spectrum - such as deploying products in the areas of e-commerce, entertainment, education, and publishing. Nowadays, he focuses on the .NET platform and works at SoftCom-Int specializing in enterprise knowledge management solutions. He is an active member of the .NET community organizing events/contests/presentations and was awarded for his contributions with the MVP award in 2013.

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