Chris Roda

Chris Roda

Chris Roda is an interactive storyteller with a long history as a digital artist with experience in film, location based attractions, games and education. Initially, he refined his skills creating visual effects for films such as True Lies, Titanic, Fifth Element and Spiderman. After a period of time as an independent film producer, he discovered the potential of interactive storytelling while working on numerous location based attractions. Realizing that he needed to complement his understanding of interactive storytelling with software development, he took on a role of CG Supervisor for Electronic Arts. He spent four cycles delivering “NCAA Football” and two cycles with “Madden”. He currently is developing the Technical Artist’s curriculum for the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. Familiar with most modern digital content creation packages, Chris has a special fondness for Houdini. He has worked with the software since it was called Prisms. He is actively seeking the next incarnation of the Immersive, Interactive Storytelling Engine.

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