Cornelis Steenstra

Cornelis Steenstra

Cornelis Steenstra, is an award winning car designer and entrepreneur with 33 years experience at the top level of automotive design for Volvo, Mazda, and Mercedes-Benz and was the main American design consultant for Porsche in Germany for well over 6 years. Steenstra is a design consultant for many global OEM's and has also been involved as consultant with 8 separate automotive start-ups, runs an Online Car Design School, is the named designer of the Professional Car Designer Kit, and has been running his Car Design TV web site show for the past 10 years. Steenstra combines his creative talent with a great business sense, an ability to analyze objectively, and a drive for perfection. His long time passion for Formula 1 Grand Prix racing has taught him how to optimize team work with a common goal, get the most out his personnel, set goals, and achieve them.

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