George Rady

George Rady

George Rady, started taking night school classes and punched out (literally, on punch cards) his first COBOL program into a card reader at Computer Learning Center back in 1983. He has just completed several years with JP Morgan / Chase rolling new code (digitally) into production for the largest Credit Card processing platform in the world. In the intervening years, he has worked for dozens of companies, on hundreds of projects; coding for petabyte IMS and DB2 databases, to coding VSAM applications that delivers hundreds of thousands of transactions… in seconds… and all in good, old, COBOL, the language he was assured was “on it’s last legs” in the 1990s. His latest challenges await the upgrade to IBM’s zOS2.4 so that – the (internal) Clouds – can be migrated to the mainframe, accessing Legacy data using the Coupling Facility rather than go thru the TCP/IP stack. His knowledge of Extended Containers await the projects of integration to bring about this next evolution of IT!

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