Ian Fogelman

Ian Fogelman

Ian is a seasoned data aficionado who thrives at the crossroads of technology, specializing in the Microsoft data ecosystem. His mastery extends beyond SQL Server, encompassing airflow-driven ETL processes, Python development, and the orchestration of cloud architecture across AWS and Azure. Ian's proficiency also spans Salesforce integrations, harmonizing SQL, and championing technical communication. With a passion for bridging data silos and enabling data-driven decision-making, Ian brings a wealth of experience in crafting robust ETL pipelines, leveraging Python's versatility, and harnessing SQL's power to extract insights from complex datasets. His expertise doesn't stop at technical prowess; Ian excels in articulating intricate technical concepts to diverse audiences, making him an invaluable resource for effective technical communication. Additionally, Ian is a respected contributor to the tech community, sharing his insights and discoveries through his writings on https://DatabaseCowboys.org and https://www.mssqltips.com.

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