Igor Scekic

Igor Scekic

Igor Šćekić is an illustrator, digital artist, and graphic designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. As a visual person, he is interested in all forms of visual art. Since his early age he was exploring different art styles and techniques. Discovering the power of digital software for creating artworks directed his life into an endless maze of artistic experiments. He has worked with a wide range of clients, on many personal projects and collaborated with other artists. His works have been on exhibitions around the world and have also been featured in different magazines, books, and web sites. He is also a proud member of Slashthree International Art Group. Art is his medium for visualizing hidden realms of his personal universe where anything is possible. A positive approach to life and art is the energy that is pushing him to expand his artistic skills to next level. Every obstacle that comes along that way isn't a problem, but a challenge.

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