Jakub Krompolc

Jakub Krompolc

Jakub started his career in 3d animation in the Czech Republic in 1999 where he specialized in rigging. He then moved to the UK in 2005. He has worked at Axis Animation on Ben Hibon`s Codehunters, a few game cinematics and 3d commercials. After moving to MPC London in 2006 Jakub was a Character TD on 10,000 B.C., Chronicles of Narnia 2, Harry Potter series, Clash of Titans and other films. In 2010, he went to Double Negative to work on John Carter and later Captain America. He then spent the next three years at Prime Focus World where he headed the rigging department. After the London division closed, Jakub worked as Lead Rigger on Tarzan at MPC and Prime Focus Mumbai. In his spare time, Jakub likes to go cycling and spend time with his 2 sons.

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