Jasenko Krejic

Jasenko Krejic

Jasenko has been in love with computers since he got his first Commodore 64 more than thirty years ago, continued it through Amiga, desktop PCs, but when he discovered Linux command line and cloud computing, he knew that he wants to dedicated himself to that area. He was born and lives his whole life in a wonderfull town of Banjaluka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he finished his basic education and Electrotechnical University, earning a Master degree in telecommunications and electronics. When he got a job at Postal company, he went through a lot of different job roles, including active directory management, security, Linux servers with web servers,database and so on. He always tried to go ahead of the current state of thing, taking Linux Exams, MySQL ones, and doing a lot of freelancing jobs. He also likes to write tutorials, and do training. Enjoys playing tennis and spend most of the summer at his seaside home, catching fish and octopuses.

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