Jess Alvarez

Jess Alvarez

I never thought I would ever work in the tech industry, but took my customer service skills to a phone position at a tech company. From there, I dove into Linux and AWS. As I learned more, I climbed through the ranks and became an AWS Cloud Administrator working on hundreds of very different kinds of environments. I made it a point to try to teach others when and where I could. From there, I jumped over to government tech and gained many other skills including working with Docker, Ansible, etc. It was then that I decided to jump into spreading the knowledge I had gained more directly and joined A Cloud Guru. Here I am now getting teach the next wave of technologists and cloud gurus! It is my goal to ensure that more people realize that there is a place for them in tech if they are willing to work for it and remember deep breaths and baby steps! Keep being awesome, gurus!

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