Jim Drury

Jim Drury

Jim has been a front end developer for 10 years, having worked in a variety of capacities for some of the largest organizations within the UK, including BBC Children's and TalkTalk. Currently he is the UX/UI Lead, VP for Barclays, taking technical ownership of our brand components across the secure digital channels. This includes a combination of Barclays, Barclaycard and Barclays Mobile Banking brands and technologies such as Angular, React and Web Components. Technology is his main passion; Languages: Javascript, Typescript, CSS and SCSS. Frameworks: Angular, React, React Native and React VR. He's also a huge fan of 'serverless' approaches such as Lambda, AWS API Gateway and S3. Outside of work, you'll find him either travelling around the UK and Western Europe in my Tesla, playing around in VR or drinking a bottle of red wine.

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