Joe Crum

Joe Crum

Joe is an experienced software developer specializing in C#, Biztalk, Oracle, SQL Server, and SAP Integration. He began his IT career in an industrial environment, developing applications on VMS to support shop-floor data collection and process control. When his employer began implementing SAP, he began work on integration of the existing applications with SAP. In a few years, Joe became the leader of the company's SAP integration team, which was responsible for the implementation of a licensed middleware product to integrate all of the manufacturing sites' applications to SAP. The next step for Joe was responsibility for the architecture, design, and development of a complete replacement for the shop-floor VMS applications at his site to be developed in C#. Subsequently, he was the lead developer and architect of an in-house-developed replacement for the (then obsolete) SAP integration middleware, also developed entirely in C#. He has some well-honed opinions about "build vs buy." He has also been a sysadmin, Oracle DBA, Biztalk developer and team leader, EDI mapper, and self-employed consultant at various times.

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