Dr. Joseph J. Smith

Dr. Joseph J. Smith

Joseph Smith is a PhD. His doctorate is in the Humanities and encompasses key notions amongst the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, religious studies, and literature with a focus on the philosophies of self-consciousness within the west and the intellectual background of black consciousness.  * He is a qualified elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educator and the current Vice Principal;  * Co-founder of the non-profit organization Generation Chosen which seeks to interrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma and poverty;  * A former project coordinator for the Black Experience Project housed/funded by Environics Research Institute;  * A facilitator and consultant in the area of Anti-Black Racism and Emotional health at Life Works;  * Runs a boutique consultancy agency called Anchoring Minds Inc. which focusses on the development of strategic plans geared towards shifting corporate culture in progressive and innovative ways; * And is a founding member of the Foundation for Black Communities which is a non-profit organization designed to adjudicate grants, develop policy, and liaise with government and the philanthropic sector to serve Black-led and Black-serving non-profits and charities.

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