Josh Lobel

Josh Lobel

Josh Lobel is a designer, technologist and educator who has been working in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry for the past 14 years. He specializes in parametric design and Building Information Modeling (BIM.) Josh studies the social and ideological challenges facing digital design technology, with a focus on process innovation. Josh has written, taught, and presented internationally on topics related to digital design technology and modeling techniques and was a contributor and co-editor of the book “Computational Constructs: Architectural Design, Logic and Theory”, a collection of research from the MIT Design and Computation Group published by the China Architecture and Building Press. Josh has worked as a designer, Project Architect, and Project Consultant in San Francisco and New York City with design firms ranging from two to over two hundred people. He has also spent the last six years implementing technology strategies for design and construction companies. Josh holds a Bachelors of Architecture from Cornell University and a Masters of Science in Architectural Studies, with a focus on Design Computation, from MIT.

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