Kaleb Pederson

Kaleb Pederson

Kaleb Pederson is a professional programmer and software crafter with almost 20 years of professional development experience. He was first introduced to programming when he received a Radio Shack TRS-80 as a birthday present. After a brief stint studying engineering and mathematics, he diverted to Computer Science. Kaleb holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University. After spending over ten years programming on Linux using languages including C/C++, Python, and Java, he jumped headfirst into C# and .NET. Kaleb works at HealthEquity as a Software Architect where he builds and architects tools and frameworks on the Azure Cloud Platform. He continues to refine his skills as a software architect and crafter and enjoys all aspects of software development, from software design to functional programming, low-level performance tuning, and everything in between.

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