Katarina Makmuri

Katarina Makmuri

Katarina Makmuri is a product manager based in San Francisco. Most recently at Box, Katarina owned iOS and Android experiences, and shipped the backbone of Box’s workflow product on mobile. She won the grand prize, Customers’ Choice, with her team at a company hackathon; counseled peers at Slack, Atlassian, and Adobe about Enterprise Mobility Management strategies; and developed a stronger partnership with Microsoft product teams to drive seamless user experiences. Before Box, Katarina was at a startup for four years where as sole product manager, she launched products critical to its positioning and success, such as a hardware partnership with Dolby; a live chat sales funnel; and VoIP dial-out. Katarina started her career in sales, where thousands of conversations with customers led her to the customer-first, problem-centric philosophy she focuses on today.

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