Kenneth Truyers

Kenneth Truyers

Kenneth Truyers is a Belgian .NET developer and a Microsoft MVP, living in Mallorca, Spain. He works as a freelance developer, mainly on projects in London, UK. He specializes in web development with a strong knowledge of C# and Microsoft Azure, but also enjoys front-end programming with frameworks such as Aurelia, Angular, and Durandal. He is furthermore interested in agile development practices and loves working with and helping teams implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. He often blogs about these subjects at and enjoys networking and occasionally speaking at developer conferences. His university education gave him a degree as an electronic engineer. More importantly though, in his final project, he got in touch with programming. Since that summer of 2004, Kenneth has been a full time software developer working for 1 man startups as well as multi-national enterprises. When not working on software, he enjoys rock climbing, juggling, going to concerts, and generally being a conforming hippy.

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