Kirk Kaiser

Kirk Kaiser

"K.P. Kaiser is a product focused developer who primarily works in Python. KP is the author of Make Art With Python, a book teaching programming fundamentals through art instead of boring print statements. Previously, he was the lead backend developer at Triller, scaling to the app from zero to millions of users, and handling the traffic from the top 100 iOS and Android stores at the same time. Before Triller, he wrote the backend for a social experiment app called Somebody, which was also in the Top 100 free apps for the App Store, won an award for a site built for GE, helped design an IoT lighting control system, and ran the infrastructure for a large eCommerce company. He skateboards whenever not programming or shooting photos. He's hiked the first half of the Appalachian Trail, lived in the Panamanian rain forest, and backpacked most of central america. Rumour has it, he eats a lot of bagels"

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