Luke Heuer

Luke Heuer

Luke Heuer is a technical founder and software engineer from Sonoma, California. While learning to code, he and several friends co-founded and ran a popular website where they shared what they were learning about security, programming, networking, and design. Luke went on to provide consulting services and was offered a position at a start-up in the Bay Area. He took care of his high school obligations and went to work full-time at the start-up. Since then, he's worked with various start-ups, large companies, and as a technical co-founder, and solo founder where he single-handedly created then scaled products to millions of iOS, Android, and web users, and held multiple positions in top charts of iOS and Android markets for over four years. He's been developing on various platforms for over 17 years now, and when he's not working on keeping his engineering skills sharp or learning new ones, he enjoys road and mountain biking, roasting coffee, and reading.

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