Mark Hatch

Mark Hatch

Mark began his career in the post-production world of video editing, motion graphics, and visual effects. He enjoyed the creative work, but found that he was more interested in how technology could improve efficiency at work. Eventually this led to a position as a system engineer where he helped improve processes and systems. This included the development of workflows, automations, and interfaces which required that he learn new tools. First it was Python and scripting for automation. Next it was building back-ends and microservices using Django and Flask. In time, Mark was doing full-stack development, building front-ends to help users interface with the back-end. Mark had found a new love: Software Development. Nowadays it's Node.js, React, GraphQL, Cloud Computing, or whatever gets the job done well. Continual learning has been key for Mark, and he enjoys sharing what he has learned. Oh, and now Mark is an AWS Certified Developer.

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