Michael Figura

Michael Figura

Michael started his career in IT in 1996 in the Silicon Valley, working with web startups in a time where the term webmaster was still being used and the average book store had less than 5 books on HTML 3.2. In the years to follow, Michael stuck with web technologies like classic ASP, and was an early adopter with the first release of .Net. Shortly after the turn of the millennium he began working with mobile apps on early handheld devices. He was also a pioneer in early IoT technologies, working with data acquisition systems for analogue and digital scales in both the industrial and raw materials markets. Today he specializes in technologies like BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server, OAGIS, Azure, cloud and web, and most of the Microsoft stack. He has been teaching programming to junior programmers online for years and has a true passion for teaching and mentoring on just about any subject related to coding.

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