Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma is author of several bestselling programming books, including “Modern Java in Action: lambdas, streams, functional and reactive programming” which sold over 30,000 copies globally and with a second edition published in November 2018 as well as "Real-World Software Development" published in December 2019. Raoul was nominated an Oracle Java Champion in 2017. Raoul is the CEO and Founder of Cambridge Spark, a leading learning organisation for data scientists and developers. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University. His research interests lie in the area of programming languages, compilers, source code analysis, machine learning and education. He is also an international speaker having delivered over 100 talks covering Emerging Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Java and Python. Raoul has advised and worked for several organizations on large-scale software engineering projects including at Google, Oracle, eBay and Goldman Sachs.

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