Sam Artioli

Sam Artioli

Sam Artioli is a Solutions Architect with 15+ years experience in Software Development. In the early part of his career Sam focused mainly on Build Systems and Foundation Code; programming in C, Objective-C, Unix and Perl. Over the past 7 years Sam has focused on Web Application Full Stack Development. Leveraging Apache and PHP in the backend with jQuery in the front, then migrating upwards to Hiphop and Nginx. An early adopter of Node.js and Angular.js, you can find Sam these days crafting full platform configurations with Node.js, Angular, Gulp, Express, Cordova, a splash of Go, and Docker to bind it all together. While not architecting, Sam can be found teaching workshops in emerging technologies and speaking at conferences. Sam is also an avid Capoeirista and an Amature Musician.

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