Sam Sehgal

Sam Sehgal

Meet Sam Sehgal, a seasoned leader in cloud and application security with a wealth of experience shaping and executing robust security strategies. Currently leading with his expertise at Dell, Sam specializes in DevSecOps security, architectural design, and the automation of Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) and AI security. Sam brings a pragmatic approach to securing mission-critical applications by embedding security within the agile development cycle. His proficiency encompasses a deep understanding of standards, policies, and modern secure DevOps tools necessary for effective governance of product and application security programs. A key player in jumpstarting platform security initiatives, Sam is adept at institutionalizing security standards and policies. His focus on operationalizing secure development lifecycles and managing PII controls reflects a commitment to translating security principles into practical, actionable steps. Beyond conventional security measures, Sam also brings AI security expertise to the table. His ability to navigate the complex intersection of artificial intelligence and security bolsters his effectiveness in staying ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. SecurityLeader #DevSecOps #AIExpertise #AIsecurity #MLSecOps

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