Steve Mueller

Steve Mueller

Steve Mueller has spent the past 25 years providing in-person technical expertise to more than 300 of the largest enterprises across 5 continents. Steve spent his formative years with Java application servers while at BEA (now Oracle), where he built core devops and virtualization principles to achieve automation and scale. He has worked for VMware and most recently AWS, where he spent 7 years in a number of roles addressing customer needs. Steve is now the CTO of Hypersive, a startup focused on next-generation edge, end-user compute, and device virtualization. He has spoken at numerous industry tradeshows, including AWS re:Invent and Autodesk University, and is passionate about breaking difficult ideas down into easily understood concepts and educating others with that knowledge. He is an established AWS expert, loves anything serverless, believes API gateways are more transformative than we think, and gets energized when talking about containerization, IoT, and event bridges.

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