Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland

Tom has over 15 years of experience as a product strategist, product manager and product team leader. Starting his career as a technologist, over time he became focused on understanding customer needs and the challenges in driving successful products to market to meet those needs. His formative experience as a product manager at Lucent Technologies and Avaya was during a period of significant technology and business model disruption in the enterprise communications market. He later moved to the challenges of a completely different business - corporate legal services. Over his career, Tom has managed a wide range of products, from hardware to on-premise software to SaaS to transactional and managed services. He has also managed products at all stages of the life cycle, from concept to end of life. While launching new products often gets the headlines, he has found taking lagging in-market products and restoring them to growth as satisfying as any other product management challenge.

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