Tracey Wiedmeyer

Tracey Wiedmeyer

Tracey co-founded InContext Solutions and has served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer since its inception. With over 14 years of experience in both fast growing and large scale technology environments, Tracey is responsible for setting InContext’s technology direction. He leads InContext's product development and engineering groups, ensuring the delivery of leading edge virtual research and SaaS solutions to all sorts of clients. Prior to co-founding InContext, Tracey held various director, architect and engineering roles at consulting organizations around the Milwaukee and Chicago area, as well as several engineering roles at a Chicago startup called CreditInterlink, developing on top of all sorts of Microsoft technologies back to COM+ and VB6. Tracey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Computer Science from Ripon College and a Master of Science in Distributed Software Systems from DePaul University. Tracey enjoys spending time with a thriving Chicago area start up scene, mentoring inner city Chicago students through volunteer opportunities with Future Founders Foundation, and dreaming up new ideas. He has a wondering wife and 2 young daughters who he enjoys every spare moment with.

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