Vesna Lakovic van Kempen

Vesna Lakovic van Kempen

For over a decade, Vesna has been at the forefront of crafting educational programs tailored to contemporary needs. A passionate advocate for Mindfulness, she's transformed companies, universities, and organizations with her authentic, down to earth and pragmatic approach. Through her e-learning courses on Pluralsight, she's not just sharing knowledge but igniting curiosity and awareness. From her early days as a young activist, volunteering with vulnerable groups, she's always believed in the power of small steps leading to significant changes. Her journey into entrepreneurship wasn't a planned one, but a result of her dedication to education and innovation. The transformative power of Mindfulness didn't hit her overnight, but over eight years, it reshaped her life. More than methods and tools, she values genuine human connections, teaching and interacting from a place of authenticity. Recognized for her contributions, she's been a finalist for several awards, including the Social Impact Award 2020 and Seedstars startup competition 2019. Be sure to follow Vesna on Linkedin, or book a session with her on!

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