Vesna Lakovic van Kempen

Vesna Lakovic van Kempen

Vesna has spent over a decade developing educational programs that meet contemporary needs within companies, organizations and institutions worldwide. Her approach to Mindfulness in the workplace is grounded, practical, and effective. On Pluralsight, her e-learning courses are designed not just to give knowledge but also to spark curiosity and awareness. Her commitment began with her early work as an activist with vulnerable groups, driven by a belief in small steps leading to meaningful change. Her path to entrepreneurship evolved naturally from her deep engagement with education and innovation. The principles of Mindfulness, which have significantly influenced her over the years, are central to her philosophy. In her teaching and interactions, she emphasizes the importance of authentic human connections. Her efforts have been recognized, making her a finalist in several awards, including the Social Impact Award 2020 and the Seedstars startup competition in 2019. Be sure to follow Vesna on Linkedin, or book a session with her on!

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