Xincheng You

Xincheng You

I have extensive experience working as a data scientist designing interactive systems at various technology companies. My area of expertise is information retrieval for search engines and recommender systems. Currently, I am working as a data scientist on the search team at Pluralsight. I help the search team leverage machine learning techniques, such as click models, learning-to-rank and natural language processing, to improve search relevance. Before joining Pluralsight, I worked as a data scientist at Wayfair where I focused heavily on recommender systems. One project I worked on there was designing a system that curates visually quirky products by leveraging models from natural language processing and computer vision. During my time at Wayfair, I also created an algorithm that personalizes complementary product recommendations to customers based on their browsing history and personal preferences. I am passionate about Pluralsight’s mission to democratize technology skills. I want to be a part of this mission by sharing my knowledge with everyone interested in learning more about data science and machine learning.

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