Technology skill development:

Preparing for digital transformation

If you're concerned about building and maintaining a competitive edge, you need this workbook.

Technology skill development: Preparing your teams for digital transformation

Follow the tips in this interactive workbook to:

  • Ensure your teams can deliver on your technology priorities
  • Become more agile and able to adapt to disruption
  • Reduce attrition
  • Become an employer of choice

Meticulous tech skill development planning can make the difference between winning at business and falling behind.

Our workbook will walk you through tech skill development best practices.

Compare them with what you're doing today (the work part) and identify opportunities for improvement (the fun part).

This resource includes everything you need to develop an actionable tech skill development plan tailored to your organization's goals.

  • The key questions you need to ask
  • Guidance on the decisions you need to make
  • TIps for defining and measuring outcomes
  • Troubleshooting ideas if you aren't getting the results you need

Plan for success. Develop your teams. Celebrate the rewards.

Download the workbook to get started.

Tech skill development workbook

Without a clear roadmap, you have zero chance of showing the connection between learning programs and your strategic business objectives. Worse, your teams may be unprepared for your mission-critical projects.

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Want to dive even deeper into tech skill development? Pair our videos with the new workbook to power up your TSD.