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Using Instance Scheduler to Automate Starting and Stopping EC2 and RDS Resources

In this lab, you will take what you have learned about Instance Scheduler and deploy the solution to the lab AWS account. You will use SSM Session Manager to access the provided `SchedulerAdmin` EC2 instance that has the scheduler CLI already installed and configure the appropriate IAM permissions for the instance. You will also configure periods and schedules for different dinosaurs (AWS resources) based on the proposed sleep schedule and associate each dinosaur with their own schedule.

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Clock icon Intermediate
Clock icon 30m
Clock icon Sep 20, 2022

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Deploy Instance Scheduler

    Using the AWS Instance Scheduler documentation, deploy Instance Scheduler to the lab AWS account. Make sure to set scheduling for both EC2 and RDS resources.

  2. Challenge

    Log In to the SchedulerAdmin Instance

    Using SSM Session Manager, connect and get logged into the SchedulerAdmin instance provided with the lab.

  3. Challenge

    Use the Scheduler CLI to Configure Periods for the Dinosaur Sleep Schedules

    Update the IAM role for the SchedulerAdmin instance to include the SchedulerAdminPolicy permission for scheduler CLI commands. Then use the scheduler CLI to configure periods based on the following sleep schedule table:

    |Name|Breed |Wake-Up Time |Bed Time | |--|--|--|--| |Stacy |Stegosaurus |7 a.m. UTC |9 p.m. UTC | |Terrance |T-Rex |9 a.m. UTC |10 p.m. UTC | |Ralph |Raptor |6 a.m. UTC |9:30 p.m. UTC | |Roxy* |Raptor |6 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. UTC |1:15 p.m. & 9:30 p.m. UTC | |Tami |Triceratops |11 a.m. UTC |8:30 p.m. UTC |

    NOTE: Roxy needs to get a checkup by her doctors every day due to a recent surgery

  4. Challenge

    Use the Scheduler CLI to Configure Schedules for Each Dinosaur

    Create a unique schedule for each dinosaur and associate the periods created to the appropriate schedules. All schedules should have the timezone set to UTC and the enforced parameter enabled.

  5. Challenge

    Tag Each Dinosaur with Their Schedule

    Using the table below to map the dinosaurs to their respective AWS resources, tag each AWS resource with the dinosaur's schedule:

    |Dinosaur Name |AWS Resource | |--|--| |Stacy |EC2 - t3.micro | |Terrance |RDS - t3.micro | |Ralph |EC2 - t3.micro | |Roxy |EC2 - t3.micro | |Tami |EC2 - t3.micro |

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