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Advanced Operations with Amazon Athena

by Sadequl Hussain

If you're working with Amazon Athena, or thinking of using it to query your data lake, you can see how to take Amazon's serverless big data query tool to a whole new level. Learn all the important things to make the most of your Athena setup.

What you'll learn

Enterprises often face a formidable challenge when choosing a tool for analyzing terabytes or even petabytes of business-critical data stored in Amazon S3. Fortunately, there's Athena, a low-cost, easy-to-use, serverless query tool with a powerful Hive backend and a Presto query engine that allows you to run SQL queries on S3 data.

Learning the basics of Athena is simple, but how do you make it secure? How do you make it automated? How do you run dashboards off it?

In this course, Advanced Operations with Amazon Athena, you will learn the necessary skills to make your Athena setup more efficient and production-ready. First, you will learn how to use Amazon Glue to create Athena tables from unknown data sources. You will see how to run queries on complex data structures. Next, you will make your Athena applications more secure with policies and encryptions. Going even further, you will learn how to automate Athena data processing with other serverless tools like Lambda. Finally, you will build Tableau charts from Athena views and publish those charts to a Tableau server.

When you’re finished with this course, you will be equipped with advanced skills and knowledge to run a robust Athena setup. You will also get your hands dirty working with other technologies.

About the author

Sadequl Hussain is an information technologist and digital content producer from Sydney, Australia. He has more than twenty years of experience in development, infrastructure engineering, database management, training, and technical authoring. Over the years, Sadequl has worked with many different technologies and has written about topics ranging from databases to cloud to security to serverless. His technical articles have been published in blog sites of some of the well-known names in the indu... more

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