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Prepare for the ARE Vol. 1: Practice Management

by Kevin Griendling

Preparing for the ARE 5.0 is no easy task. This course on Practice Management will focus on high-level principles of running an effective architectural practice.

What you'll learn

Congratulations! You've established eligibility to prepare for and take your Architects Registration Exams. It is no easy feat, but with the help of Pluralsight's ARE Preparation series you will be knowledgeable enough to pass all exams without breaking a sweat.

The ARE 5.0 Preparation series has six volumes, each tackling the concepts outlined by NCARB for the exam.
Volume 1 addresses the fundamentals of Practice Management, directly from the test specification outline. They include:

  • Business operation
  • Development of practice
  • Delivery of services
  • Practice methodologies
Each volume starts with an overview of how it relates to the overall ARE format, as well as presents effective strategies for that section of study. Also, the content is packed with tips and tricks for understanding complex or abstract notions of the architecture profession at its highest levels.

Table of contents

Course Overview

Course FAQ

What is the ARE 5.0 exam?

The Architect Registration Examination 5.0 is the NCARB's current exam for license candidacy.

Who is this course for?

This ARE 5.0 prep course is for ARE candidates preparing to take on the ARE 5.0 Practice Management division.

What will I learn in this course?

This course will discuss the content of the ARE 5.0 as well as test-taking strategies and act as your ARE 5.0 Practice Management study guide.

What prerequisites do I need?

Whether you are just starting or are already done with your architectural experience program, it is never too early to start preparing for the ARE.

About the author

Kevin is a Project Manager in a small architecture firm designing education and senior living facilities, and doubles as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at MT. San Antonio College. He has been exploring the field of architecture for ten years, with three years of project management and teaching experience in his current positions.The passion he has for teaching permeates most aspects of his life, which brings him to Pluralsight. While teaching Rhino and Grasshopper in classes, Kevin's key c... more

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