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Prepare for the ARE Vol. 5: Project Development & Documentation

by Kevin Griendling

The Architect Registration Exam is one of the most challenging hurdles in the career of prospective architects. This course will help you tackle the very broad nature of the exam by formulating effective strategies for success.

What you'll learn

This course will emulate the construction document phase, with lessons on documentation methods, engineering conflicts and coordination, and teaching how to understand the exam’s scope. In this course, Prepare for the ARE Vol. 5: Project Development & Documentation, you'll learn to calibrate each candidate's understanding of what material may be encountered on the exam, and how best to cast a wide, yet efficiently shallow net in studies. Engineering concepts combined with architectural coordination consideration are paramount, and numerous facets of an architect’s professional responsibilities are discussed thoroughly. First, you'll explore the integration of building systems into the architectural design. Next, you'll learn about system sizing and detailing the architectural condition. Finally, you'll discover the standard practices of construction documents preparation. By the end of this course, you'll understand how to leverage your knowledge and resources to see a pass on exam day.

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About the author

Kevin is a Project Manager in a small architecture firm designing education and senior living facilities, and doubles as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at MT. San Antonio College. He has been exploring the field of architecture for ten years, with three years of project management and teaching experience in his current positions.The passion he has for teaching permeates most aspects of his life, which brings him to Pluralsight. While teaching Rhino and Grasshopper in classes, Kevin's key c... more

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