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Auditing SQL Server With Policy-Based Management

by Boris Hristov

Auditing SQL Server is one of the main tasks every DBA should take care of, and Policy-Based Management is here to help make that process easy.

What you'll learn

Auditing SQL Server is one of the most critical tasks a database administrator is assigned to. The understanding and knowledge of who does what and when is just as important as making sure that your database servers are up and running. What's more, DBAs do not manage just one instance of SQL Server nowadays, but hundreds or even thousands. In addition to that, sometimes there is a need to check for or even enforce a specific business rule or configuration and thus prevent someone violating some specific requirements, for example. All of those tasks can be quite time-consuming or even impossible to accomplish except if Policy-Based Management is used. With this course, the learner will be prepared to face the challenge of auditing and enforcing rules across many database servers, without spending a lot of hours working on these tasks.

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About the author

Boris is the Founder of presentation agency 356labs and a PowerPoint MVP. He has presented in 25+ countries and has been rated as the top speaker numerous times. Boris has years of experience as a trainer, mentor and consultant and he and his team are working with companies like Deutsche Telekom, KPMG, Renault, Societe Generale, Roche, Publicis, Experian, Bosch, VMWARE, adidas and a many, many more to help them write, design and deliver truly effective presentations. His agency is also the only ... more

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