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Implementing Amazon Elastic File System

by Nikola Milanovic

Learn how to easily share files between EC2 instances using Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). While doing so, you'll discover how EFS works and how to use it for various cloud-based workloads.

What you'll learn

AWS is the worlds largest public cloud provider and is used by thousands of developers to bring their ideas to life. In this course, Implementing Amazon Elastic File System, you’ll gain the ability to share file data between thousands of EC2 instances. First, you’ll explore what EFS is and how it compares to EBS and S3. Next, you’ll discover insights into EFS management and security. Finally, you’ll learn how to consume the shared file system from your EC2 instances. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of EFS and EC2 needed to setup real-world file-based workloads.

About the author

With over a decade of experience in IT, Nikola brings his passion for technology, innovation, quality, and software design. Nikola kicked off his profession as a software developer and kept being involved in the latest tech trends throughout his career, while also having management and business focus over time. Having been exposed to both technology and business, Nikola has gained invaluable insight into all aspects of creating high-quality solutions which solve actual customer challenges. Withi... more

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