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Build Cross Platform React Native Apps with Exponent and Redux

by Hendrik Swanepoel

Learn how to use your existing JavaScript skills to build highly-performant native apps for both iOS and Android.

What you'll learn

In this course, you'll learn how to use your existing JavaScript skills to build native apps for iOS and Android. You don't even need to be a React expert to follow along! You'll learn how to get going with React Native with minimum development setup as we'll be using Exponent to help us get going very quickly. After building most of the app through Exponent, we'll move into a full-blown environment where you'll learn how to do platform targeting: building special features specifically for a specific platform while trying to achieve as much code reuse as possible. We also introduce Redux to the mix to help us encapsulate our state management in a very elegant manner. This course (and React Native) relies heavily on JavaScript 2015 features!

About the author

Hendrik kicked off his career in 2000 installing MS Outlook on PCs in coal mines throughout South Africa. Seriously. He had to wear a hard hat and everything. Luckily he got his foot into the door at a company that allowed him to play around with code. At a desk. Without a hard hat. In his day job Hendrik is a full stack coder from Cape Town, but at night he is a closet designer - meaning, a graphic designer too scared to share it with everyone, not someone that designs closets. For a large part... more

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