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Capturing Logic with Stored Procedures in T-SQL

by Jared Westover

Do you have experience writing T-SQL but want to start creating stored procedures? Well, this course is for you! Take your skills to the next level by learning all the in and outs of designing and optimizing stored procedures.

What you'll learn

Perhaps you’re starting out or have been working with stored procedures for years. Maybe you want to take your understanding of store procedures in SQL Server to the next level. In this course, Capturing Logic with Stored Procedures in T-SQL, you will learn foundational knowledge for developing powerful stored procedures. First, you will learn why utilizing stored procedures in SQL Server is paramount to executing maintainable code. Along the way, learning why using temporary objects might reduce complexity. Next, you will discover methods for adding queries to your stored procedures. Finally, you will explore several methods to optimize the performance of your stored procedures. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to consistently deliver optimal stored procedures in SQL Server.

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About the author

Jared Westover is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Data Management and Analytics. When he started his education, he didn’t consider any other field than computers. Jared has been working with technology for over 15 years. He focuses on SQL Server and finding ways to tell inspiring stories with raw data. Technology became his first love while working on a Tandy back in the ’80s. Undertaking an epic quest, Jared wanted nothing more than to design video games using C. Working with data giv... more

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