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CCSP®: Cloud Platform Security

by Dr. Lyron H. Andrews

Cloud Platform Security includes the essential elements of protection when consuming cloud services. Learn what these elements are, when to use them, and what they accomplish for your organization.

What you'll learn

Cloud Platorm Security offers a new level of confidence for security and protection while using cloud services. In this course, CCSP: Cloud Platform Security, you will learn the steps to take to be better prepared to protect your organization's cloud platforms. First, you will look at how to enumerate the primary services of the cloud that will aid you in selection, advising, and managing your cloud environments. Next, you will discover what identity access management tools and protocols should be used given a business requirement. Finally, you will discover how to devise and execute on a list of controls that will aid you in protecting access to your services. By the end of this course, you will be better prepared to protect your cloud platform.

About the author

Dr. Andrews’ technology career spans three decades. His roles included network manager New York City Department of Education, BMG Direct senior director of IT, and BNY Mellon dean of technology. His doctoral research at Teachers College Columbia found that critical thinking skills thrive in environments that are supportive of five essential elements in the mind of a critical thinker. He teaches cyber security. He has integrated technology management with teaching at Columbia University and other... more

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