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Jan 11, 2015
2h 29m

Throughout these Photoshop and NUKE tutorials, we'll delve into the steps required to create a destroyed landscape image sequence. This will include understanding how to extract and manipulate sections of still images in Photoshop and bring those elements into NUKE for a live-action composite. You'll also learn various important compositing techniques while also creating a fun and interesting final product. By the end of the Photoshop and NUKE training, you'll have experienced how to integrate digital images and live-action video into a final composited image sequence. Software required: Photoshop CS4, NUKE 8.

About the author
About the author

Sean has worked as a Senior Digital Compositor for feature film visual effects studios such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Technicolor, Rhythm & Hues, and many others.

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