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Designing a Vector Illustration for Advertisements in Illustrator

by Simeon Elson

In this Illustrator course, you'll learn to produce a photorealistic motorbike illustration. Software required: Illustrator CS6.

What you'll learn

This Illustrator course will show you techniques to produce vector illustrations in Illustrator. It's essential to keep in mind every part of the process, so shadows and highlights will be kept on separate layers. You'll start by applying the shadows of the motorbike using a combination of the eyedropper tool, pen tool, and custom brushes. Next, you'll work on the metallic elements of the motorbike using the gradient annotator, pen tool, and mesh tool. Then, you'll use a combination of the mesh tool and the gradient annotator to generate the yellow shiny areas. You'll add logos and type to the motorbike with brushes, the pen tool, and the eclipse tool. Finally, you'll add realistic textures the design by creating custom patterns and adding texture masks. After finishing this course, you'll be ready to start attracting clients with your own photorealistic illustrations. Software required: Illustrator CS6.

Table of contents

Introduction and Project Overview
Designing a Vector Illustration for Advertisements in Illustrator

About the author

Simeon Elson is an inspired international commercial illustrator and graphic artist, based in London. Simeon's explosive, realistic works are inspired by music, sports, comics, street art and current affairs. His diverse and graphical styles combine digital and traditional techniques to produces images that are innovative and full of energy.

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