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Getting Started with Docker on Windows

by Wes Higbee

Would you like to know how to simplify running software? This course will cover running both Linux and Windows software in Windows environments through the use of containerization.

What you'll learn

Docker simplifies running software, and now with the release of Windows containers, you can run just about any software with a consistent set of commands thanks to Docker. In this course, Getting Started with Docker on Windows, you'll learn how to use containers in Windows environments, both Linux and Windows containers. You'll see how to use Docker for Windows on workstations and how to use the Docker Engine in server environments. Along the way, you'll see how containers simplify finding, downloading, installing, starting, stopping, and uninstalling software. You'll also see how container isolation provides security and simplicity. You will learn how to build your own images and how to run command line apps, web servers, databases, and other apps in containers. Finally, you'll learn how to easily orchestrate complex applications with docker-compose. By the time you're done with this course, you'll know how to use Docker to simplify software management.

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Course Overview

About the author

Wes Higbee is passionate about helping companies achieve remarkable results with technology and software. He’s had extensive experience developing software and working with teams to improve how software is developed to meet business objectives. Wes launched Full City Tech to leverage his expertise to help companies delight customers. Although his primary focus is on outcomes, implementation often includes technical competency. Wes frequently speaks about impactful aspects of software developm... more

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